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Mertz Johann Kaspar - Tarantelle

Mertz Johann Kaspar - Tarantelle

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Johann Kaspar Mertz – Tarantelle (from ‘op 13, Barden-kläenge, part 06’)

Mertz’s guitar music, unlike that of most of his contemporaries, followed the pianistic models of Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Schumann, rather than the classical models of Mozart and Haydn (as did Sor and Aguado), or the bel canto style of Rossini (as did Giuliani). Though the date of his birth indicates that that was the logical influence, since Sor was born in 1778, Aguado in 1784 and Giuliani in 1781 while Mertz in 1806, a difference of about 25 years.

The Bardenklänge pieces are probably Mertz’s most important contribution to the guitar repertoire – a series of deceptively easy character pieces in the mould of Schumann.

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