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Carlos Reyes - Nuestra Antigua Ninez

Carlos Reyes - Nuestra Antigua Niñez - Free

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Carlos Reyes – Nuestra Antigua Niñez

Born in Caracas-Venezuela on October 17, 1972, he is the forerunner of the first franchise network of guitar orchestras in the world, the Latin American System of Guitar Orchestras (SLOG), Founder and main promoter of the Federation of Guitar Orchestras (FEDOGUIT), and creator of the Company of Edition and Representation of Talents CERT Producciones CA, the first publishing company of cultural discs in the world based on its statutes to the charitable support of the health sector.

He was a member of the Intermezzo Duo together with the teacher and forerunner of the School of classical mandolin in Venezuela, Professor Iván Adler. He has twelve record productions, ten of them with works of his complete authorship. Evaluator certified by the company Yamaha Musical de Venezuela-Japan in Latin America. He has given workshops at the University of Carabobo on guitar orchestra developments.

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