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Gade Jacob - Tango Jalousie

Gade Jacob - Tango Jalousie

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Gade Jacob – Tango Jalousie

Jacob Thune Hansen Gade (Vejle, Denmark, November 29, 1879 – February 20, 1963, Assens) was a Danish violinist and composer, mostly of orchestral popular music.

His tzigane tango “Jalousie” was a worldwide hit. Performed for the first time on Monday, September 14, 1925, on the premiere of the American movie Don Q. Son of Zorro, starring Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Astor, it placed Denmark in the world map of music. His royalties as composer were so ample that in the 70s it was estimated that the song was played, at least, once every minute on some radio of the planet.

Sheet Transcriptions: for guitar solo, piano solo, violin part, voice & piano

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