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Braga Ernani - 5 Cancoes Nordestinas Do Folclore Brasileiro

Braga Ernani - 5 Canções Nordestinas Do Folclore Brasileiro

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Braga Ernani – 5 Canções Nordestinas Do Folclore Brasileiro

Ernani Braga (born Hernani da Costa Braga; January 10, 1888 – September 17, 1948) is a Brazilian composer, pianist and conductor, concerned to belong to the second generation of the nationalists in music. He composed works for voice, choir, orchestra and piano. He is little known outside the South America. Antônio Francisco Braga (1868–1945), with whom he is sometimes confused, was his teacher and friend. Among Ernani Braga’s pupils was Camargo Guarnieri.

Songs List:

1.- O Kinimba
2.- Campi di pranta
3.- Nigue Nigue ninhas
4.- São João-Da-Ra-Rão
5.- Eugenho Novo

Studio Performance: Tereza Berganza

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